Visual Body Fat Percentage Chart For Women And Men Examples

Complete Visual Examples For All Body Fat Percentage Ranges

Have you been looking for a Body Fat Chart And Guide that shows examples of all male and female body fat percentage ranges? Hopefully we have solved this once and for all!

Below we have created helpful visual chart examples that compare body fat percentages for women and men together, and individually. We explain the difference of each range and include; what is considered Healthy, Average, or Otherwise.

We have also provided links to helpful resources that teach you How to Measure and Track Your Own Weight Loss and Body Fat Composition Like a Pro.

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Men vs Women Body Fat Percentage Chart Comparison

A Body Fat Percentage Chart Comparison For Men And Women

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On This Page General Health Ratings For Healthy Body Fat Percentages In Men And Women

What Is A Healthy Body Fat Percentage For Women Or Men?

Have you ever wondered what a healthy body fat percentage would be? 

The short answer; a healthy body fat percentage for women is 14% to 24%, and a healthy body fat percentage for men is 6% to 17%

The long answer is; your health and fitness goal and also age can effect what you would classify as healthy. We will try and explain this in detail below. Hopefully this will help give you a better idea of which body fat range to aim for at each stage of your weight loss, or control journey.

Is Measuring Body Fat Percentages Accurate?

Body Fat Percentage is luckily becoming more popular as people are becoming aware of why old systems can be very inaccurate. Looking at just your weight, or even using the BMI scale (body mass index score). This is a very broad way to help tailor to the masses, but it’s not specific, or tailored for your body.

This article will hopefully help give you a visual representation of what the different levels of body fat looks like for Women and Men. We have tried to find the most natural body’s to use in the visual body fat percentage charts below

Quickly Find Your Visual Body Fat Percentage Chart

Body Fat Basics, The Formula

The Formula for Body Fat Percentage is the amount of fat in your body in lbs or kg divided by your total body weight, then multiplied by 100. The answer is shown as a percentage.

Formula Example To Work Out Body Fat Percentages

For example; a 150 lbs Women with 30 lbs of body fat has a body fat percentage of 20% (30 lbs / 150 lbs X 100 = 20).

How Fat Is Distributed

It goes without saying that everyone is unique. Your body fat distribution will most likely be different to your friends. Also, it will most likely not be evenly distributed across your body.

Everybody stores and distributes fat in different ways. Some men and women can store a lot of fat around their abs and arms, while others might store it in their legs and glutes.

When losing or gaining body fat, these are usually the areas that are the hardest to lose, and the quickest to gain weight.

How Does Age Affect Body Fat

Most Body Fat Calculators and charts will show Higher Body Fat Ranges as your age increases. This is because as your body ages, the fat within muscle and also around the organs tends to increase as well

For example; if you look at a 20 year old Woman compared to a 50 year old Woman. They both have the same measurement of fat under the skin, but the 20 year old may have 22%, while the 50 year old has 25% of body fat.

Body Fat Percentage Chart For Women

A Visual Guide From For Women To Guide Their Body Fat Level From When Using Body Fat Calculators showing natural women from 10% to 40% and above

Healthy Body Fat Percentage Women Examples

Let’s start off by explaining why Women’s body fat ranges start off higher than men. Women naturally store more essential fat in their body for breast tissue and around the uterus.

Saying this, a healthy female body fat percentage ranges from 18 to 25 percent up until you reach 35 years old. Then, from the ages 36 and above, healthy body fat Ranges from 24 to 30 percent.

10 to 15 Percent Body Fat Range For Women

10 to 15 Percent Body Fat Ranges in Women is considered very low. This is normally reached by bodybuilders at competition time and is not recommended to sustain for long periods of time. Maintaining this body fat range for women can have effects on normal menstruation cycles. When reaching this Body Fat range, there is very clear separations between muscles with very evident striations.

15 to 20 Percent Body Fat

15 to 20 percent is viewed as an athlete range of body fat. It is still considered to be a low body fat for a woman. At this percentage, the muscles will be defined with separations showing between the muscles, but not as clearly as the previous range. Unless a lot of time was spent in the gym, a woman will usually lose a lot of shape here as it is usually distributed more evenly through the breasts, glutes, hips and leg regions.

Healthy Body Fat Percentage Chart For Women

A Chart by showing healthy body fat percentages For Women Per Age Group on a colour chart guiding weight loss goals. lean being blue, healthy is green, average is yellow and above average showing red

20 to 25 Percent Body Fat Ranges

20 to 25 Percent Body Fat percentages are usually categorized as the fitness range for Women. Here there will be some separation between muscles. The main difference being, that body fat starts to show small signs of storing around the arms and legs.

25 to 30 Percent Body Fat For Females

25 to 30 percent body fat for females is considered quite healthy. This is a great target to focus on maintaining. At this body fat percentage range, it will show nice shape through distributing the fat evenly throughout all areas around the body, usually more noticeable around the glutes and legs.

30 to 35 Percent Body Fat In Women

30 to 35 Percent of Body Fat for Women is considered to be healthy. It is on the higher range of the average scale. At this Body Fat rage, the fat will usually show fat starting to store around the thighs, glutes and the hips. For younger women under 21, this could be considered as a little overweight.

35 to 40 Percent And Above Of Body Fat For Women

At around the 35% Body Fat Percentage Range, the hips will become wider from fat stores building up around the glutes and legs. The neck will look rounded and belly fat can begin to grow over the waistline

Hip measurements can be 40 or more inches (101.6 cm), with a waist measurement of 32 or more inches (81.28 cm).

Above 40% Of Body Fat For Women

After exceeding 40 percent of Body fat in the body for a Woman, the skin will start to lose the smooth appearance. Hip measurements can reach 45 inches or more, with waist measurements being 35 inches or more

At this point, and getting closer to 45%, the hips of a woman can become wider than her shoulders.

Body Fat Percentage Chart For Men Body Fat Percentage Chart guide For Men

Healthy Body Fat Percentage Men Examples

Male Bodybuilders have been known to drop their Body Fat percentage to as low as 3-4 percent during competition time. At this rate, veins, striations and muscle separation lines can clearly be seen across the body. And, the skin almost looks like it’s been laminated straight over the muscle. However, This is considered unhealthy to sustain and shouldn’t be done for long periods of time

Men have a lower starting point for body fat percentage compared to females. As we mentioned earlier, this is due to the difference in anatomy. As shown in the Male Chart Below, healthy Body Fat Percentage ranges also change with age. For Men, a healthy fat percentage at the age of 18 can range from 6 to 13 percent. Whereas, a male in their 50’s has a healthy range of 18 to 25 percent.

Compare the differences in all examples of body fat percentage charts and visual guides throughout this page to understand the full spectrum.

5 to 10 Percent Body Fat Ranges For Men

5 to 10 Percent Body Fat Ranges for Men are a little less extreme than a bodybuilder in competition season. It is the point just before you start to lose the clear definition in your muscles. Between five to seven percent, mens faces become very defined and skinny, the main sign to know you have hit this point is when your family starts worrying about you.

A lot of male fitness models will aim to be around this level when they are ready for a photo shoot. This is because it shows clear muscle definition and separation. This level of Body Fat is not wise to sustain for long periods of time.

At 8 to 10 percent, the clear definition in the muscle starts to fade. By 10%, the definition in a mans abs will usually still show an outline of your six pack, but it’s days will definitely start to look numbered.

10 to 15 Percent Body Fat For Men

10 to 15 Percent of Body Fat is a healthy level to maintain for men, right up until they reach 45 years of age. If you are wanting a little bit of volume and to still want to see a little bit of abs, then you will want to stay around the ten to twelve percent. This is the classic beach body look that most men like to aim for.

From 13 to 15 percent, this is where most men lose their six pack and it gets demoted to a two to four pack of abs. For some of the unfortunate ones who store more fat in their stomach region, compared to other areas in their body, this could even mean the beginning of the 1 pack.

Healthy Body Fat Percentage Chart For Men

A Chart by showing healthy body fat percentages For Men with a colour guiding weight loss goals. lean being blue, healthy is green, average is yellow and above average showing red

15 to 20 Percent Of Body Fat In Men

10 to 20 Percent of Body Fat in Men is categorized as healthy for the majority of age groups. When you are above 45 years, this can be considered quite lean. In this body fat range, the volume of muscle can seem quite thick under the skin, but there won’t be clear separations between them.

20 to 25 Percent Body Fat In Males

20 to 25 Percent Body Fat Range shows clear signs of fat covering the muscle and vascularity will almost be gone. Early stages of the twenty percent line will show the stomach with a little soft padding starting to form.

By twenty five percent the waist will begin to increase quite noticeably. To give an idea of a waist to hip ratio at this point could show readings up to 0.9

A waist to hip ratio can be calculated by the circumference of the waist divided by the circumference of the hip. If a man exceeds 25% body fat he is considered to begin entering into obese weight ranges.

25 to 30 Percent Of Fat For Men

At 25 to 30 Percent Body Fat Ranges for men, they will show clear signs of fat storing all around the body. The waistline will look bigger than the hip line. By this stage, there will also normally be a clear protruding stomach. There won’t be any muscle separation showing on the body.

30 to 35 Percent Of Fat For Men

The main area men can build fat stores is on their stomach. At the 30% to 35% Body Fat Range in Men, there will be a large overhang of fat in the stomach over the front and their waistline can be larger than 40 inches.

Above 35 Percent of Body Fat For Men

When reaching above the 35 percent body fat percentage range, everyday activities can become noticeably difficult. This can be walking long distances, going up stairs, bending or even lifting things up

If a man continues past this point, exercising can become dangerous and could also need monitoring by a health professionals.

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