Are You Eating Healthy, But Still Not Losing Weight?

Eating Healthy Will Lead To A Longer And Happier Lifestyle.

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Diet Tips For A More Balanced And Healthier Lifestyle.

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Healthy Eating 101

Have you really been trying to focus on eating healthy, but you don’t really know if what you’re doing is right? Maybe you have been feeling like you’re not seeing the results you should be?

There are a lot of people in this exact same situation, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t lose their Diet Motivation if it wasn’t doing anything

The good news is that with a few small updates after reading this information, it could make that difference you have been looking for!

The common weight loss mistakes made by people unknowingly is through eating so called healthy foods, that are actually not so healthy after all. This is usually caused by the flooded competition in the health and fitness industry. They use misleading marketing claims to sell more of their not so healthy, but very delicious products to health conscious people.

Flavored Fruit Yogurts Don't Make The List Of Healthy Foods

Fruit yogurts are usually a popular first choice when it comes to changing up your diet to eat healthy. What people don’t fully understand is not all yogurt is healthy. Or let me rephrase that, not all added ingredients to some yogurt is healthy.

Yogurt can feel like you’re eating healthy because of all the handy microscopic organisms or good bacterias that come from eating it. We don’t end up paying attention the rest and assume it’s all ok. Especially if the nutrition label says the fruit or yogurt is organic.

There was a study carried out recently through the British Medical Journal showing comparisons of yogurt available in British supermarkets. They compared the nutritional profiles of each yogurt product and found that many of them were packed full of added sugar

This just shows that even the wholesome choice of organic options can still have up to half of your your daily recommended dose of sugar in one serve. Of course you can buy the sugar-free choices, but then you’ll be heading down a world of consuming artificial sweeteners. These you should try to avoided as well.

Fast Homemade Strawberry Yogurt Smoothies Using A Blender

Looking for fast and natural smoothie idea that tastes delicious?

  • Buy plain greek yogurt and almond milk the next time you are at the supermarket.
  • Flavor it yourself by adding a handful of fresh or frozen strawberries to the shopping list. The more you add, the thicker it becomes.
  • You will need a blender. The best blenders to use are something like a micro bullet. One that comes with a few cups and attachments. 
  • Mix for 20 to 30 seconds, or until you’re happy with the texture.
  • And presto! a fast homemade natural strawberry yogurt smoothie.
Strawberry flavored fruit yogurt in a small blue clay bowl next to a small white bowl of mixed berries on an artistic timber background with a blue tea towel and spoon ready to eat

Try Not To Eat Too Many Protein Bars To Lose The Weight

Another surprise example for the list of healthy foods to be careful of is protein bars. These may seem like the healthier food options because they contain protein and other health claims. However, once again you have to take a quick look at the nutrition label. Have a look at the sugar amount. Most protein bars have around 15 to 40 grams of sugar in each protein bar

The good news is, there are some protein bars out there that do have lower sugar amounts (5 grams or less per bar), One that we like here that’s a very affordable option and reasonably healthy is the Myprotein Brownies.

Review Other Diets And Compare What Works Best For You

Whether you have recently heard about Ketogenic Diet, or a Gluten Free Diet. It’s always a great idea to research a little more about All The Different Diet types, what they’re best used for, and how you can manage your weight with either one.

It’s important to choose a diet that suits your lifestyle and preferences. This is mainly because, if you enjoy it, you’re going to want to do it for longer, and will usually see better results. It will also become more realistic for it to become more of a lifestyle rather than a chore.

Click below to learn more about the benefits of Each Diet. Look at Shopping Lists, Helpful Starting Guides. Including resources to Tracking Journals if you want to put it into practice with the steps already drawn out for you to just follow and fill in each day, and review.

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